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When I decided that Pippi was old enough to go potty by herself in the morning when I first let her out she wanted to come back inside with me but I kept putting her out on the porch. She'd come back in through the pet hole so I'd send her back out telling her to go potty. Finally, when she just kept coming through the pet hole, I put my foot across the door and told her to go potty. She made several attempts to come back inside and of course bumped her head into the door. I eventually taught her to go without me but she now thinks she has to have my permission to come through the pet door. I have a pet door in the screen door as well as the inside door and she does much better with the screen door pet door because she can see inside. When I have the inside door closed, I have to brace open the screen door so that the pet doors don't hit each other. She will sit outside and whimper in the cold or even sometimes bark. After I call her she comes in though sometimes I have to call her repeatedly. She is very obedient. I've tried to call her in and then give her a treat. I send her back out through the pet door and then call her back in and reward her with a treat. I've done this over and over until she comes in on her own several times. Next we're back to square one. I don't like the idea that if I'm gone that she might be waiting for me to call her if I'm not even home. Sometimes she comes and goes without a problem. Any suggestions?
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