Dog Training: Submissive Behaviour

Submissive Behaviour

An Introduction to Submissive Behaviour

There is a lot of confusion these days between pack leaders, and those of us who take the lead and make the right decisions for our dogs. We should always have the confidence to guide, command and govern our dogs in a kind and safe manner.

Fortunately our dogs have an innate desire to please us, so with reward based obedience training, and proper leadership we can ensure the safety and well being of our dogs and those around them. All dogs should demonstrate submission when needed. Part of what makes us responsible dog owners is our ability to command the attention of our dogs when required, especially in the company of other dogs or people.

Submissive Behaviour - dog training information

Overview of Submissive Behaviour

Dogs who are allowed to behave in a feral manner, taking free reign of a household, or doing exactly as they please, clearly do not know who is making the decisions to care for the family. Without proper guidance almost any dog will try to control a situation, often leading to chaos in the family...

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Tips for Submissive Behaviour

If you are struggling with an unruly pet, then we suggest that you seek the professional advice of a skilled and qualified trainer. 'Ask The Trainer' for the best way to approach the situation, if in spite of your efforts cannot gain the respect of your dog.The Doggle Directory has a list of trainers near...

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