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Tips for Shake

Dog trainers generally give time in their classes for some of the fun commands. We have a big selection of training video's in Doggle.TV, including how to teach your dog to shake hands. Find the trainer who works for you, and watch their demonstration of how to achieve the best results.

If trying this command on your own, here are a few tips to get your started.

1. Ask your dog to sit and praise him. 

2. Standing in front of him lean down and say his name and shake for example "Fox shake." 

3. Assist his paw by leaning down and gently raising it so you can shake, then shake his paw and release. 

4. Praise him verbally again and repeat. This time once you have raised his paw give him his treat.

5. Repeat again this time say only "Shake Fox" and wait with your hand ready to receive his paw in the shake. 

6. When he obeys and raises his paw for the shake carry out the shake and say "Good Fox" and give him his treat. 

7. If he does not shake do not give the treat but continue for a short period raising his paw to allow him to get the idea. 

8. After 5 - 6 minutes training, walk to another spot and try another couple more times. Remember dogs only have short attention spans. 

9. Your dog will soon realise he gets praised for a "shake' and will raise his paw on request.

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