Dog Training: Shake


An Introduction to Shake

Training your dog to shake hands / paws is a little trick that can be a bit challenging at first, but lots of fun for both you and your dog.
If you want to train your dog this new trick, keep in mind that the more fun the lesson the more inclined your dog will be to learn it!

Overview of Shake

Everyone enjoys a dog who will sit and offer his paw in a hand shake. Your dog loves the attention he receives from the person who's hand he is shaking and it is regarded as a gesture of friendship. A small treat will reward him while he is learning but generally once he has learned...

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Tips for Shake

Dog trainers generally give time in their classes for some of the fun commands. We have a big selection of training video's in Doggle.TV, including how to teach your dog to shake hands. Find the trainer who works for you, and watch their demonstration of how to achieve the best results. If trying this command...

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