Dog Training: Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

An Introduction to Separation Anxiety

Some dogs are content to be alone for short periods and others exhibit varying degrees of anxiety.

The anxiety can be recognised easily by your dog’s behaviour and it can be exhibited in lots of different ways from howling to more extreme examples of destroying your entire house.

While it is difficult to gauge the ways in which our dogs experience things , understanding the situations that may create fear or anxiety will help you modify your dogs behaviour and improve his overall wellbeing.

Separation Anxiety - dog training information

Overview of Separation Anxiety

Some dogs genuinely suffer from separation anxiety and often they show this by barking, scratching, howling, chewing on furniture or soiling the floor.  The most important thing to realise is your dog is not misbehaving but rather experiencing a very real fear of being alone, and his actions are an expression of this. There are...

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Tips for Separation Anxiety

The following tips may be able to help you if your your dog is suffering from Seperation Anxiety, otherwise 'Ask The Trainer' for assistance if the problem persists.1.  When leaving the house start initially with putting on your coat and leaving your house for a few minutes and arrive quietly back so your dog will...

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