Dog Training: Rough Play

Rough Play

An Introduction to Rough Play

Playing is natural for dogs, this is how they socialise. Watching small puppies playing rough’n’tumble can be viewed as cute and harmless however as all puppies grow into larger various sized dogs it is important that rough’n’tumble play is never aggressive or physical enough to become potentially dangerous, not only for the dogs themselves but also children, owners and onlookers.

Overview of Rough Play

The following link talks about rough’n’tumble play, its benefits, and the importance of distinguishing between rough'n'tumble and aggression.The following Tips, should be kept in mind when engaging in this kind of physical interaction with your dog.

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Tips for Rough Play

Steps you can take to protect your dog from not only coming to harm, but also from possibly causing chaos during rough'n'tumble play. 1. Never let the boisterous play between you and your dog become aggressive, as you will be sending him the wrong message.2. Practice biting inhibition when playing rough'n'tumble with your dog. 2. ...

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