Dog Training: Roll Over

Roll Over

An Introduction to Roll Over

Your dog will love learning the tricks you teach him just as much as you do.

Working together develops a bond and anytime spent with your dog will be viewed by him as a huge reward.

Gather up plenty of treats and patience, and your dog will be playing the roll over game with you in no time.

Overview of Roll Over

Training dogs to roll over is a popular doggy trick and a fun way of playing with your dog. It like all training takes time and patience. Some dogs pick it up right away, and some dogs take a bit longer to understand what you are asking of them.  Rolling Over is a progressive lesson,...

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Tips for Roll Over

Tips to train your dog to roll over. 1.  Ask your dog to sit, followed by his lay down command. 2.  Say the words “roll over” gently roll your dog onto his side and slowly bring him over to his other side. 3.  Reward him for complying with praise.    4.  A small treat at this...

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