Dog Training: Potty Training

Potty Training

An Introduction to Potty Training

The thing highest on the priority list of any new dog owner is almost always house or potty training. Even the most loved and adorable puppy will drive you around the bend when unexpected puppy accidents start turning up all over the house. This is the one habit every new dog owner is keen to eliminate early.

Because both you and your dog wish to live in a clean environment, consistency and patience from you towards your puppy and his training, along with taking simple measures within the house will earn you a positive result.

Overview of Potty Training

Always rememeber when going through the motions of House Training, that a puppy has no idea what is expected of him, like a baby he will go when he needs, so be pateint and prepared with plenty of paper towels and cleaning items at the ready. Patience, timing and regular mealtimes are the requisites and...

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Tips for Potty Training

Tips for Getting StartedPost Feeding Time A puppy will always need to go to the toilet shortly after eating or drinking. His feeding routine should include taking a turn in the backyard within 10 minutes of him eating or drinking while he is still very young. Look for Signals It pays to be hyper-vigilant in...

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