Dog Training: Obedience


An Introduction to Obedience

Dog obedience training really covers the entire range of commands we teach our canine friends to domesticate and assist them to reside in harmony with us.

A short dog obedience course which will cover most commands is to be encouraged not only for the arrival of your new puppy but also for the older dog who has come to live with you who may have never received good basic obedience training at his past home. He too will respond positively and feel safe and secure once he knows you are in charge.

Overview of Obedience

Once you have earned your dog’s respect and trust his obedience will naturally follow as he will always want to please you. Your dog will be living in a domesticated environment, his and your family’s safety will depend on him being taught acceptable behaviour at home and when you are out and about. Training has...

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Tips for Obedience

What we recommend first and foremost is a high level of obedience training. This is one of the most important steps in fixing ANY behavioral issue, and teaching your dog to comply to certain rules around the home. If you have a dog that is obedient and well trained, then many of the unwanted behaviors...

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