Dog Training: Licking


An Introduction to Licking

The licks we all know are generally the ones our dogs give us to either show affection, or greet us on our return home.  A dog also licks for very fundamental reasons, to keep itself clean, if it has fleas, a skin complaint,  allergies, or a wound. 

Given there are so many reasons that dogs lick, it is always helpful to understand a little more about what motivates the behavior, and in which circumstances it is something you want to deter.

Overview of Licking

A normal healthy dog keeps him/herself relatively clean. In addition to cleaning their legs and body, dogs will also lick their genital areas in an attempt to remove dirt, discharge or debris. From birth a mother will lick her pups to bond and to clean them, she will also lick around the kennel to ensure...

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Tips for Licking

If you do not wish your dog to lick you and anyone who visits, or items around the house, try the following steps. 1.  Say “No” turning away when he begins to lick you. 3.   If you have been hugging your dog, put him down so he realises you do not want him to lick...

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