Dog Training: Lay Down

Lay Down

An Introduction to Lay Down

A dog who learns something as simple as Lay Down, and quietly does so on command is a dog that will always be included with the family for celebrations and daily life. Knowing your dog is always calmly within your control and not about to cause chaos jumping up, knocking things over in and around the house, offers enormous comfort for both you and friends who visit.

When outdoors the command is also useful in many circumstances such as stopping for alfresco coffees, chatting to other people while out walking or even something as simple as loading the car.

Overview of Lay Down

The Lay Down command is important, it allows your dog to be calmly within your control, and contained in situations where the safety and comfort of everyone, your dog included, depend on it. Before you teach your dog to Lay Down, you would have already mastered the command Sit.All Dog Trainers include the Lay Down...

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Tips for Lay Down

1.  Ask your dog to sit. 2.  Holding a small treat, gain your dog’s attention to the treat and say “Fox Lay Down” 3.  Now bring your dog’s eyes to the floor, taking your hand directly to the floor in front of your dog, keeping hold of the treat. 4.  If first time your dog...

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