Dog Training: Jumping Up

Jumping Up

An Introduction to Jumping Up

A warm and welcoming greeting from your dog can be very flattering, however too much enthusiasm in the form of an over-excited dog can sometimes be nothing short of destructive. No one, owners included, like it when a dog unexpectedly jumps on them, perhaps getting them dirty, maybe spilling the hot contents of a cup, or even worse bowling them over. Jumping up is for that reason an undesirable behavior that you want to discourage.

Overview of Jumping Up

Dogs get excited and jump up to get your attention.Visitors will not appreciate the dogs attempt to connect with them, as damage could happen to clothes and your dog will not secure the popularity he so desires.Accidents could happen too if the dog jumps up on a person carrying hot drinks or food, when all...

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Tips for Jumping Up

Getting StartedYou must be quietly firm and consistent!  Use you chosen commands “no jump" or "down". If he is jumping on your arrival home, ignore him completely until he has given up the idea. Reward him when he does not jump up. A small treat and praise will teach him that not jumping brings about...

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