Dog Training: Heel


An Introduction to Heel

It is important to understand the difference between a dog who is walking on a loose leash, and a dog who is heeling. A dog who is observing the heel command will be walking closely beside you, while awaiting further instruction.

We use the heel command for short periods when we require our dogs full attention, or when we feel the situation calls for our dog to be kept under close control. Should you find yourself during your walk passing a group of loud children, another dog that is behaving unruly, or in any potentially threatening situation, the heeling command is a very useful tool.

Overview of Heel

Training can commence as early as possible and as the training requires full attention from your dog keep the training to short periods, be patient, do not expect too much too soon for the best results. Use a leash to assist you initially but moving forward the aim is for your dog to want to...

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Tips for Heel

Getting Started 1.  Facing the same way with your dog next to one of your legs (keep to the one leg once chosen do not change legs from side to side) 2.  Using a treat close to your waist gain your dog’s attention to the treat by saying his name "Fox” 3.  Move forward 2...

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