Dog Training: Fetch


An Introduction to Fetch

Dogs are great to have fun with and provide loyalty and companionship. Taking your dog to the park, to run and play fetch, is a healthy fantastic way to spend time together. While teaching your dog to fetch, he will also be learning how to behave during playtime and he can become a more obedient dog.

Overview of Fetch

Fetch is the perfect exercise, especially for the over exuberant dog. He will have fun and also tire himself, ready for a well earned rest on return home. Some dogs don’t like to play fetch because they think that by bringing the ball back the game will be over . So, when you train a...

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Tips for Fetch

The Treat Training a dog to fetch is an entirely motivational behavior and it is hard to find a dog who does not want to fetch. Initially there may need to be a treat reward, otherwise the dog thinks the fetch item is the reward and he will sit and chew on it not bothering...

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