Dog Training: Fear


An Introduction to Fear

Dogs develop fear for different reasons, it may be a particular person, noise or situation in which he has felt insecure or very scared. Like humans our dogs can experience a sense of fear if presented with merely similar people, places or events, and these associative circumstances can often lead to an irrational display of fear and sometimes aggression.

Fear and aggression are sadly two common behavioral problems, and aggression itself can often be the byproduct of a dog that feels continually threatened.

Overview of Fear

Some dogs are born with fears, while others may develop fear, anxiety or aggression over time. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, fireworks or perhaps just the sound of a loud tractor or vacuum cleaner can send even the most well adjusted dog into a corner cowering. Sadly sometimes when left alone and frightened a dog can express fear...

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Tips for Fear

Dog trainers will assist you in recognizing your dog’s fears, help you in finding the right solution and will offer a safe environment for both you and your dogs training sessions. The Doggle Directory has a list of the dog trainers in your area. 1. Exercise  Help release his endorphins with outside activities to keep...

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