Dog Training: Escaping


An Introduction to Escaping

Dogs running away, or escaping is a very common problem for dog owners. It is instinctive and a completely natural thing to do, but in today's fast paced world it can be a dangerous and ultimaetly unacceptable behavior that you want to discourage your dog from doing.

Overview of Escaping

Running away or escaping is a difficult behavior to stop. One of the biggest issues we face when addressing this problem is that each time our dogs get out and explore, they actually get rewarded for doing so. They get to raid your neighbors rubbish bin, chase the cat from next door, or hang out...

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Tips for Escaping

As with most behavior problems it is preferable to prevent the problem from arising rather than trying to correct an established bad habit, especially with something as dangerous as escaping, so we suggest you ''Ask The Trainer'' or consult your own trainer for help.Quick TipsSpend time with your dog. Make sure he feels comfortable in...

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