Dog Training: Eating Strange Things

Eating Strange Things

An Introduction to Eating Strange Things

If your dog seems like a garbage disposal at times, you're definitely not alone. Dogs often have a voracious appetite for anything they see or smell people eating. Sometimes however, we see our dogs very focused on eating the most unusual of things, wood, dirt, household items and their own fur.

While the odd munch on something inedible is normally not harmful to dogs, constantly dining on indigestible objects may be indicating a more concerning health problem.

Eating Strange Things - dog training information

Overview of Eating Strange Things

We don’t always understand why our dogs engage in certain behaviors, and eating household objects, dirt and other strange things are some behaviors that are still very mysterious and perplexing to pet owners and veterinarians. Some of the reasons they may eat strange things are: • Anxiety and Boredom • A Way to Get Attention...

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Tips for Eating Strange Things

Even if you don't think that your dog's eating behavior is health related, veterinary help and guidance is still highly important. Swallowing inedible things can sometimes trigger fatal consequences - particularly obstructions within the digestive tract. Whether your dog needs veterinary attention for a health ailment or for you to manage his stress and activity...

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