Dog Training: Dominance


An Introduction to Dominance

Dominance is a naturally occurring characteristic that comes into play when one individual wants to have the first pick of available resources such as food for example. Even between dogs, however, it is not achieved through force or coercion but through one member of the relationship deferring to the other peacefully. In many households the status of one dog over another is fluid; in other words, one dog may be the first to take his pick of toys, but will defer to the other dog when it comes to his choice of resting places.

Overview of Dominance

One of the biggest misconceptions we find ourselves faced with is the definition of "dominance." Dogs are often described as being "dominant" which is an incorrect usage of the term. Dominance is not a personality trait. Dominance is "primarily a descriptive term for relationships between pairs of individuals." Rather than dominance, it is most often...

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Tips for Dominance

1. We have a responsibility for ensuring our dog is correctly socialized and habituated to allow it to live happily in the human environment. As is always the case by leading and teaching through proper puppy training and dog obedience training your dog will generally allow itself to be guided by you. 2. An experienced and qualified trainer...

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