Dog Training: Digging


An Introduction to Digging

Digging is so much fun and a dog will dig for many reasons. Whether it be to bury or retrieve bones, hunt prey, or simply create a nest to sleep in, nature made sure dogs would be particularly good at this activity by designing the super efficient digging apparatus known as the paw.

Regardless of what nature had in mind, whether it be the new veggie garden, beautifully manicured lawn or even the carpet, digging creates its own set of problems, when we find our dogs are constantly digging up everything around the home. In cases such as these, digging is a behaviour which reflects another problem, that can be reduced with proper training, and exercise.

Overview of Digging

As it is an intrinsic part of a dogs nature, digging is one of the most common behavioral problems that dog owners face. A dog that digs can be very destructive, damaging the lawn or garden, even the carpet or furniture, and since digging behaviors are instinctual it can be a hard habit to break. ...

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Tips for Digging

1. Identify the triggers - why is your dog is digging? Try 'Ask The Trainer' or consult your own trainer, for any handy techniques to quell the behaviour. The following takes you to a directory link of trainers near you. 2. Boredom is the most common cause for a dog’s digging, as it most often happens when...

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