Dog Training: Crawl


An Introduction to Crawl

Once your dog has mastered his basic commands and understands the command “down” he will be ready to learn to crawl. 

Keep it fun and it will be seen by him as enjoyable and he will be eager to please you and obey.  

Overview of Crawl

Crawling is a progressive lesson, and it is a fun trick to teach your dog. Always remember to use positive reinforcement, and turn the lessons into a fun game for your dog.Puppy Training School, and Dog Obedience Trainers, can provide techniques to help you master some basic or clever tricks. The Doggle Directory has, a list of...

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Tips for Crawl

Try to practise morning and afternoon for just a few minutes at a time slowly increasing to no more than 10 minutes or he will become distracted. Getting Started: 1.  Using an open space either outside on the grass or an open living room, get down on the ground yourself so your dog knows you...

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