Dog Training: Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training

An Introduction to Dog Crate Training

In the course of your dog’s life there may be a time when you will require the use of a crate or dog kennel.

It may be for transportation, illness or perhaps you feel the need to use the crate for short periods when you are away from the house.

Some dogs have been crate trained and enjoy sleeping throughout the night in their crate, and if used correctly a crate can afford your dog warmth and security.

Dog Crate Training - dog training information

Overview of Dog Crate Training

The idea of a crate is particularly useful for puppies; they can see what is happening around them, move about, chew, and go to the toilet with ease if they are not yet fully trained. However, using the crate as a baby sitter can be very detrimental. Leaving your dog in a crate for extended...

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Tips for Dog Crate Training

Ideas for the introduction of a crate. 1. If outside ensure the crate is situated in a safe environment, the surrounding temperature neither too hot in summer, or too cold in winter.  The crate should be protected from rain, and should first and foremost represent a place of safety and comfort. 2.  The above equally...

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