Dog Training: Come


An Introduction to Come

One of the most important things your dog will ever learn is to Come on command.  You will find throughout your dogs life there are many situations in which this simple command is instrumental in maintaining your dogs safety. Training your dog to come can be one of the most difficult commands to teach, but it is also one of the most beneficial.

Overview of Come

Training your dog to come is difficult, as you are asking your dog to stop, listen, and obey, usually in situations where there are many distractions. However learning this command can also be one of the most beneficial for your dog both in strengthening the bond between you and preserving the safety of your dog in potentially dangerous situations.You will never...

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Tips for Come

Dog training classes offer sound skills to dog owners in training young and older dogs to obey this important command. Some tips to get you started: 1.  Commence as early as 6 weeks old with very short training periods morning and afternoon if convenient. Slowly increase to up to 10 minutes but no more as...

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