Dog Training: Chewing


An Introduction to Chewing

Dogs will chew anything, they will chew your shoes, your couch, your socks, your bed, in fact dogs will chew practiclly everything with your scent on it. Chewing is a fairly normal behaviour, but it becomes a destructive one, when your dogs are slowly chewing their way through the entire contents of your home.

Learning more about the motivators behind your dogs chewing can help you find the right deterrent to stop what can be a very destructive and ultimately expensive the behaviour.

Overview of Chewing

At age 3-7 months a puppy will chew in a similar vain to any infant who is teething, it understandably helps to relieve discomfort during the eruption of their adult teeth. However exploratory chewing is more a case of your puppy discovering new tastes and new things. When chewing is not as simple as your puppy teething, or...

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Tips for Chewing

1. Always make sure your dog has a variety of safe items to chew on at his leisure, especially when he is teething, and change these items from time to time so he does not become bored. 2. Make sure he has regular 10-15 minutes of daily playtime with the family. 3. Regularly exercise your...

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