Dog Training: Chasing


An Introduction to Chasing

We all enjoy watching our dogs racing around, and most dogs love to chase pretty much anything, other dogs, birds, cats or any movable object offering up a challenge.  Although the chase seems harmless, if not kept to areas designed for this type of fun, your dog could seriously injure himself or someone else. 

Overview of Chasing

Your puppy trainer will teach you and your dog obedience training, conditioning your dog to understand simple commands that when used by you will dissuade him from lurching and chasing spotted prey. An emergency call, word or phrase when taught will return your dog to your side or stop him chasing in the first instance. Ongoing...

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Tips for Chasing

1.  Ensure your dog has on his collar, his identity tag or is micro chipped for his safety. 2.  He is wearing a strong lead which is comfortable for the dog and also for you to handle. 3.  Regular training so he becomes aware of the environment and does not feel the need to chase...

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