Dog Training: Begging


An Introduction to Begging

If you find at every meal you have a drooling dog sitting at your knee you are experiencing an extremely common, often annoying but definitely learned behaviour. In every one of those fleeting moments of generosity when table scraps were handed lovingly to your adorable pup, you were creating a begging routine. Dogs are fast learners, and it does not take long for a dog to realize that your dinner table is a place for receiving another food source additional to his normal meals.

Overview of Begging

The begging habits of dogs develop when owners feed their dogs scraps off their plate. As harmless as it seems, the process is one where your dog’s begging is being constantly reinforced with a food reward. Given, all modern methods of training encourage desired behaviours by reinforcing them with food treats, it is easy to...

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Tips for Begging

1.  The first thing to do is to stop rewarding your dog with table scraps when he begs. This means that you will need to get your whole family on board. It only takes one exception to the rule and the entire process can come undone. 2.  Establish a routine feeding schedule and stick to...

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