Dog Training: Barking


An Introduction to Barking

There are many reasons why dogs bark, and it can be a real problem for dog owners and the surrounding community, when your dog is barking all of the time. Part of the problem rests in that it is a dogs natural means of communication. When your dog barks it can signify an expression of some need, excitement, territorial protection or dominance. So being a necessary characteristic of a dog’s nature it is not considered a problem, until such time that it is produced in excess.

Overview of Barking

Dogs bark when they want to tell you something and not because they wish to annoy you. Experiments have now shown that dogs use different barks and growls to communicate different things. The science behind it unfortunately offers little relief when your dog is barking up a symphony the whole neighborhood can hear. Part of...

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Tips for Barking

Most of us feel comfortable if their dog gives a warning bark when someone enters their property, or if a stranger approaches in a surreptitious manner. This kind of baking makes us feel protected, and for some people, protection is one of the reasons they choose to get a dog. However, some dogs will bark...

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