Dog Training: Aggression


An Introduction to Aggression

Aggression is a complex behavior that serves as a communicative function for a dog when dealing with adversity. Displays of aggression, biting, growling, teeth baring, lunging and snapping, can be dangerous and threatening behaviors, which are designed to either, cause harm, or create distance between your dog and the object of his aggression. 

Overview of Aggression

Canine aggression once served in the primary function of hunting for food, dealing with conflict and protecting the pack, so to some extent it is a common behavior which can be seen in all dog breeds. Unfortunately many dogs are abandoned due to the popular belief that breed and genetic predisposition are the only reasons...

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Tips for Aggression

Aggression is controllable, and there are a lot of modern methods to modify your dog’s behavior, if you are noticing aggressive canine behaviors beginning to develop. What we recommend first and foremost is a high level of obedience training. This is one of the most important steps in fixing ANY behavioral issue. If you have...

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