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General Documentaries

General Documentaries

A collection of general documentaries.

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Danny The Reading Therapy Dog

Specialist school uses dog therapy to promote literacy to children with learning disabilities.


Understanding Your Dog

Short documentary exploring our relationship we have with our dogs. Contains some graphical material.


Registered Therapy Pit Bull - Making Kids Feel Safe

Meet the stocky 73 pound therapy Pit Bull



Animal Planets.... Top 10 Blood Suckers! Read: How Do I Get Rid Of My Dogs Fleas


Dogs - A Healthy Future

'Dogs -- A Healthy Future', focuses on the main issues that affect dog health and welfare, including hereditary diseases...


Dangerous Pitbull Terrier & The Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan - Dangerous Pitbull Terrier


Dogs of Peace

Dogs of Peace description


Dogs Decoded

Dogs Decoded description


Operation Freedom Rescues

Operation Freedom Rescues description


The Dogs of New York

The Dogs of New York


Aspiring Avalanche Dogs

Aspiring Avalanche Dogs


Wild Dog Dingo

Wild Dog Dingo description

Dog Breed Masthead

all about dogs

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