Skin, Eyes, Ears & Coat

Skin, Eyes, Ears & Coat

The best way to prevent disease is to keep your dog healthy and in the best shape you possibly can.

Day to day maintenance of your dogs condition, can be managed through, four key areas, your dogs skin, eyes, ears, and coat.


Dog Grooming and Skin Care Advice

Taking good care of your dogs skin is very important to his overall health. Skin problems are rated among the most common reasons for dog owners seeking veterinary treatment.


It is a good idea to check your dogs skin often and look for anything unusual, reddened areas, sores, bald spots, lumps and fleas. Brush your dog regularly to prevent tangles and start when your dog is a puppy with a soft brush.

There are no rules about how often your should bathe your dog, but once a month is a good rule of thumb for a moderately active indoor dog. If your dog is an outside dog, or if he is walked often in muddy parks, or just likes to roll in smelly things then it’s probably more likely to need a bath more often.

Always use shampoos made for pets. Human shampoos usually cause dry, irritated itchy skin in dogs.

Bathe your dog in lukewarm water and be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent soap residue causing red, itchy skin. Towel dry your dog and then blow-dry on low if the weather is cold and you need to hasten the drying process.

If you don’t have the facilities to bathe your dog yourself then this link will take you to a directory of groomers who are equipped to do it for you. Owners of poodles, schnauzers, cocker spaniels and other breeds that need regular clipping usually see their groomer every six to twelve weeks.

Many pets are prone to dry, flaky, irritated skin, especially in the winter when the air is dry. Special shampoos, oil rinses and vitamin-fatty can help to alleviate this problem.

Parasites such as fleas, or skin problems with allergies, usually require bathing with a special therapeutic shampoo. Your dog will also enjoy a thicker, shinier coat when he is eating a good quality diet.


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