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When thinking about your dog’s nutrition and the best food to feed them, I can speak from experience when I say one size does not fit all. I have two dogs, brothers from the same litter, with completely different dietary requirements, different metabolic rates, and different physiques.

While there are some basic guidelines for you to follow, on the whole one dog is not like another, and the best diet for any dog should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Dog Nutrition and Dog Nutrition Advice

Getting Started

  • Dogs definitely like their meat and as meat eaters they will always thrive on a diet including plenty of meat. That’s not to say that some fruits and vegetables, and other non-meat-based foods, aren’t beneficial, rather their anatomical makeup shows that they evolved as a carnivore.

    * Some fruits and vegetables are toxic, read about toxicity in our Health Hub. If you are an iPhone or iPad user read about the ‘Om Nom-Can My Dog Eat It’ App that has been reviewed in Blog Podcast Reviews.

  • Protein is good for healthy food digestion. Proteins also help with basic body functions, and assist in generating good healthy energy.

  • Dogs do not suffer from the same cholesterol problems that humans do when consuming higher levels of animal fat. Animal fat is important for proper food digestion and it also makes for a softer and shinier coat.

  • It is suggested to avoid foods that feature grain as one of its main ingredients. While it is preferable to choose a food that has several sources of meat protein there are some misconceptions around grains. For example:

    - grains do not cause allergies, dogs can become allergic to grains, however more dogs are allergic to beef, dairy products, chicken, lamb, fish, than any grains

    - grains in dog food do not cause weight gain, obesity, or diabetes. Like humans over-feeding and lack of exercise are more likely to cause weight gain, obesity and diabetes in dogs.

  • Dogs with food allergies have very specific food requirements, and it is best to seek advice from your vet concerning the best diet for your dog if you suspect he has food allergies. Does My Dog Have A Food Allergy

Doggle Tips

There can be a lot to consider when you attempt to make the best dietary decision on behalf of your dog. We have included some tips when getting started.

  • There are many commercially prepared dog foods available today that are engineered and developed by certified nutritionists to make sure your dog is getting everything he needs from his diet.

  • Price point should be considered, as it is usually a good indication of the quality of ingredients and research that has gone into getting the product fit for the shelf. That is not to say that you should get the most expensive brand, rather don’t go for the cheapest either. Dogs tend to need greater amounts of cheaper water based products to sate their appetites and dietary needs, so you may be paying less, but you are feeding much bigger portions of it.

  • Make sure that you always administer the product correctly and as directed. Always read the labels, it will give you an indication of how much to feed your dog according to age and size, and this will help prevent over-feeding. It will also give directions concerning the preparation requirements of some products. Follow them.

  • With that in mind, it is a matter of working out of all the products available, which does your dog appear to enjoy the most, whilst keeping him in the best physical condition.

If you would like more information ‘Ask The Nutritionist’ for some assistance.

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