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Getting Started

It is important to regularly groom your dogs for their comfort, health and general wellbeing. Dog grooming is not a matter of good looks, rather it is about good health.

As dogs do not take as good a care of themselves as their feline friends, keeping your dog in good condition requires your help. The main areas that need routine attention are their coat, nails, ears, and mouth. With hairless breeds, and dogs with allergies, skin is also a consideration. It doesn’t take a lot of time to pay attention to your dogs grooming needs, and if done regularly, grooming your dog will be much easier. Most dogs love the time you spend on them, and if started with short sessions when they are puppies, it is a process they become easily accustomed to.

Dog Grooming Advice - Dog Coat | Dog Nails | Dog Ear and Oral Care | Dog Skin


There can be many reasons for grooming your dogs, as their coats may be long, short, wiry, curly, coarse or fine. Some dogs shed hair and need help to remove any execess; others need to be brushed to prevent matting as they don't shed. There are also dogs like the Chinese Crested dog that have practically no coat at all.

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It is important to keep your dogs nails trimmed frequently to prevent damage to people, other dogs, or their surroundings. Although some dogs that are exercised regularly on rough surfaces wear their nails down naturally, most dogs do need regular clipping of their nails. Nail clippers specially designed for pets are a useful tool to help keep the nails trimmed, however if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself then most vets, and professional groomers are happy to do this for a small fee.

Ear Care

This is one aspect of your dogs groom that most dogs really do enjoy, and most dogs should have their ears cleaned every few weeks, as it is important to keep the ear canal clean and free of any trapped moisture..

For some breeds with hairy or hanging ears and for dogs that live in a particularly warm and humid climate, this needs to be done more routinely as these conditions are perfect for bacteria growth.

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Oral Care

It is not common for dog owners to look inside their dogs mouth, but great discomfort can be caused from disease as a result of bad oral hygiene. Chewing can massage your dogs gums and make his teeth strong, but brushing your dogs teeth can go a long way toward keeping your dogs mouth healthy. Dogs like humans can suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, and other mouth disorders, so routine brushing is helpful in managing your dogs oral health. Your vet can be very helpful in demonstrating a brushing technique, and some vets even have oral hygienists on site.


If your dog is itchy and has dry, flaky skin, bumps, scabs, acne or patches of thinning hair there may be an underlying problem, however a skin-care regimen can help protect your dog from the discomfort of dry skin, skin infections, matted coats and related conditions. You can talk to your vet for more advice.

Preventive measures can go a long way towards assuring your dog’s skin health and their overall well-being.

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