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Every dog owner should routinely clean their dogs eyes as problems with your dogs eye’s can develop quickly. Prevention through regular cleaning and examination of your dogs eyes and the surrounding area, is a much better option, than dealing with the problems that can occur if you don’t.

Never wipe the actual eye itself, as you may accidentally scratch thie very delicate area. If there is crust forming around the eye, close the eye lid before wiping. If your dog has too much hair in the corner of his eyes, it will prevent proper drainage and discharge might build up. So some dogs will need to have the hair traimmed from around the inside corners of their eyes, alomng the bridge of their nose and from above the eyes. Loose hair around the eyes can also irritate the eys if it continually brushes into them. A professional groomer is equipped to do this for you, so that the ongoing management around the eye area is made easier. The following link takes you to a directory of groomers in your area.

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