Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Getting a Dog - Bringing your puppy home.

Visit the Vet

When we picked up our two new puppies and made our way home we made a detour to our vet. Although you are excited to get your new puppy home, taking the time to meet with your vet first is a very valuable exercise. You can use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about vaccinations, diet, care and ownership. It is will also give your vet a chance to give your puppy a good once-over and make sure everything is in order. The relationship with your vet is the most important one your will share with your dog, so take your time deciding on a vet, if you don’t already have one.

Introducing Your Puppy to Its New Home

Your puppy has no idea what to expect so on arrival try not to create any confusing or stressful situations, and give him a chance to explore on his own. If you have puppy proofed your home then there is little or no chance of him finding an object that is off limits, but he will still need supervision. Try to keep visitors or abrupt changes in the environment to a minimum until your puppy has settled in, and make sure the kids are on board with your expectations also. You want to make your home as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

We elected to pick up our puppies when we knew we would both have time off to spend with them as they adjusted to their new environment. Companionship and supervision during those first few months is important for your puppies well-being.

The following link takes you to a directory where you can find professional dog minders, if you are going to spend long periods away from home during that time. Doggy Day Care services can also provide the perfect solution when you cannot be with them, but puppies must be fully vaccinated first.

Establish a Routine

The perfect time to start building habits begins within the first few days of your puppy’s arrival. Feedings times, play time and toilet breaks should be right on schedule so that your puppy becomes accustomed to the routine. Puppies are notoriously easy going creatures, but by establishing a routine and some basic house rules, you are taking the first step toward creating a mutually respectful relationship with your dog.

Book the Puppy Training School

All the love in the world is no guarantee your puppy will follow any behavior expectations you have of them, so it is a good idea to get the training started as soon as you get your puppy home. Not only does training correct or prevent bad habits that your puppy may already have or may develop, it also establishes the boundaries and positively affirms the hierarchy of the pack, you being alpha dog. Taking the time to go through this process with your dog can be the difference between a happy home environment and destructive one.

We highly recommend a professional puppy training school, as you are often sharing your experiences with other new dog owners. These courses most importantly start the socialisation process with other dogs, and are designed to educate you on every aspect of your puppy’s development, as well as teach you and your puppy some basic commands.

Doggle does provide some puppy training information, for those who want to couple their professional training with home training. It may also act as a reference and ongoing guide when your course is completed.

Puppy Training Directory

Deciding on a Vet

If you do not already have a family vet, then take the time to learn more about the veterinary clinics in your area, the services they provide, and the pet care philosophy behind the veterinarians who practice in them to make sure you feel comfortable. As already mentioned this is one of the most important relationships you are going to share with your dog so ask around, and even talk to the vets themselves before making your decision.

Follow this link to find a directory of the vet clinics in your area.

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