Listing Features & Reasons to Request an Upgrade

Doggle Mall - $22.50 + GST per week

Doggle Mall

The Doggle Mall listing gets you a premium profile page with sponsored link PLUS:

A website embed in the Doggle Mall under all relevant categories.

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Basic Upgrade - $220 + GST per year

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Premium Profile Page - $13.50 + GST per week

If you want to improve your presence around the site and increase traffic through your listing, we have the premium profile pages with sponsored links.

Sponsored links are the advertisements you see on the right hand side of the dynamic pages Woofa • Blogs • My Doggle • DoggleTV • Have You Seen This Dog • Members Gallery • Dashboard.

Sponsored Links increase the probability of people seeing your Premium Profile. By clicking the link, traffic is driven directly to your page.

Premium Page content includes;

Priority listing in the search

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Email and logo integrations

Address with Google Mapping

Content page with up to 2 links directly to pages on your website

Video integration

Link to blogging in the premium blogs feature of the Blogging section

4 images

The ability to change your listing and premium page as often as you like

Review feature

Sponsored Link

To see an example of a premium profile page, follow this link;

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