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Pet Medical Insurance, Pet Insurance, Auckland

Pet Medical Insurance, Pet Insurance, Auckland

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Pet Medical Insurance

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Pet Medical Insurance plans remove the worry of mounting bills when you and your family have only your pet's welfare in mind. In the event of accident or illness, pet insurance minimises your pet's veterinarian costs allowing you to give them the best possible care at the time when they need it most.

Pet Medical Insurance's assistance with veterinary expenses means you can easily afford to provide a level of care which may have previously been out of reach. 

Kerri is ISO Accredited and a registered financial services provider who has been working in the veterinary industry as a nurse and insurance agent for 20 years and in that time has grown to understand the needs of both pets and their owners. Her caring and knowledgeable approach to pet care will ensure that you end up with the best cover for you and your pets. Kerri's expertise backed by the security and financial expertise of Southern Cross can guarantee all the benefits of your Plan with fast, efficient service and the affordable premiums of Ellenco Pet Medical Policies (underwritten by Southern Cross). 

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We have never regretted getting Pet Medical Insurance, and think that Ellenco offers the best policies for our dogs needs.

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