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Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Careers & Courses, Tauranga

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Careers & Courses, Tauranga

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Call: 07 571 0190

70 Windermere Drive / Windermere Campus,



Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

· Careers & Courses

Join our graduates working as zoo keepers, animal park managers and tourist farm presenters, in places like research laboratories, pet shops, boarding kennels and veterinary clinics. Our programmes have been designed to be flexible and allow a high degree of portability between sectors of the animal care and handling industries.

You'll have a hands-on learning experience — in fact, you'll take care of our wide range of small and large animals on-site every morning — and gain both national and specialist qualifications that are widely recognised within the animal care industry.

Find out more about our Animal Care courses and training:

National Certificate in Animal Care Level 2

Certificate in Animal Handling (Rural & Conservation) Level 3

National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing Level 5

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