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An Introduction to Sunburn

Clients often ask me if dogs can get sunburn, and the answer is yes!  As we all know, the sun in New Zealand (and worldwide) can quickly burn us, and the same goes for our dog friends.

Erin Coomer - Veterinarian (October 2013)

Causes of Sunburn

The good news for dogs is that their fur/hair is a very effective protective layer against sunburn.  However, it’s the hairless or non-pigmented areas of skin that we worry about.  For example:

- Nose

- Ears

- Muzzle

- Groin

- Under side of the tummy (abdomen)

- Inner thighs

- Any hairless patch of...
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Symptoms of Sunburn

We all know what sunburn looks like.  The same goes for your pet.

If you notice any skin sores, redness, swellings or sensitive areas – especially on an area of your dog that is hairless or non-pigmented – then this could be a sunburn lesion.  Sunburn may complicate existing skin problems that your dog...
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Treatment of Sunburn


If you are worried that your dog has sunburn or skin cancer, make an appointment with your Veterinarian.

Your Vet will be able to provide treatment.  Some sunburned skin can become infected, so antibiotics may be needed.


• Use of sunscreens is recommended.  Applying them to the non-pigmented and hairless...
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