Dog Health: Skin Tumours

Dog | Skin Tumours

An Introduction to Skin Tumours

Dr Erin Coomer BVSc - Veterinarian

Learn about Skin Tumors, including how they can affect your dog, and what options are available to manage this type of potentially cancerous masses.

Causes of Skin Tumours

A mass, a lump, a skin tag, a bump, or a non-healing sore that is found on the dogs’ skin, or can be felt under the skin.


These lumps and bumps occur commonly in the skin, and under the skin, of dogs.  They can be found in any location over the body.  Dogs...
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Symptoms of Skin Tumours

  Any abnormal lump or bump that you have not noticed before.

  It may be sensitive to the touch. 

  It may ooze or weep blood or pus


  The mass can be in the skin, or felt under the skin; with or without deep attachment.

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Treatment of Skin Tumours


Your Veterinarian should examine all skin masses or lumps.

He/She will do a complete physical examination of your pet.  They will be able to provide you will more information from that point. Sometimes a biopsy is recommended to confirm a diagnosis.

Biopsy Options.

  Fine Needle Biopsy.  A very fine needle (smaller than...
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