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An Introduction to Infection

An infection occurs when there is invasion and multiplication of micro-organisms, typically bacteria or yeast in animals. All organs are potentially susceptible to infection.

Erin Dowler (veterinarian) – May 2014

Causes of Infection

An infection can either result from introduction of new bacteria (e.g. a bite abscess) or from an invasion and multiplication of micro-organisms which are normally present (e.g. an ear/skin infection). Micro-organisms that are normally present usually only invade if there is an underlying inflammation or trauma which gives them an opportunity.

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Symptoms of Infection


The clinical signs of infection depend on the organ affected. Examples include:

-  Eyes: thick discharge, redness, watering

-  Skin: weeping, pustules, smell, excess licking, abscess (thick yellow discharge, hair loss, pain, swelling, redness)

-  Ears: discharge, head shaking, rubbing at ears

-  Respiratory: nasal discharge, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing


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Treatment of Infection

Treatment typically involves antibiotics and/or anti-fungals. If there is an underlying trauma or inflammation that is allowing micro-organisms to invade, this will also need to be addressed.

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