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An Introduction to Food Allergies

Let me start out by saying that dogs can potentially be allergic to many different things they eat.  So I’m not going to list off all the different foods that can potentially make your dog itch (or get an upset tummy).

Food Allergies can be a very frustrating problem for your dog, you and your Veterinarian. They are a frustrating problem for a number of reasons:

1.  Food Allergies can cause serious itchiness.

2.  Food Allergies can flare up at any time in your dog’s life.  Food allergies can develop after a dog has been eating a particular food for a long time.

3.  Food Allergies can present like numerous other dermatological problems. 

4.  Food Allergies can occur at the same time as other allergies.  And, to make matters worse, concurrent allergies make each other worse. 

Therefore, as you may guess, it takes time and expertise to get to the bottom of why your dog is itchy.  Numerous visits to the Vet, medications and diet changes are all likely to be needed.

Erin Coomer - Veterinarian
January 2014

Symptoms of Food Allergies

Chewing feet or limbs – with or without skin sores

Itchy tummy and/anus – with or without skin sores

Itchy face – with or without hair loss and skin sores

Recurrent ear infections

The skin problems your dog experiences DO NOT appear to be seasonal.

A skin problem that recurs or responds poorly, after a course of treatment is given.

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