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An Introduction to Ear Infections

Dr Erin Coomer BVSc - Veterinarian

Ear infections are a common disease that affects dogs.

A fungus or bacteria can cause the infection.  Both infections can occur concurrently.  One or both ears can be affected.

Causes of Ear Infections

The most common type of ear infection occurs in the ear canal (external to the ear drum), and is also called Otitis Externa.  However, ear infections can also occur within the middle ear and inner ear.  This article will deal with the most common: Otitis Externa.

Ear infections occur when irritation occurs in the...
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Symptoms of Ear Infections

The most common symptoms

  Odour and/or discharge from ear canal/s

  Discomfort when touched


  Head Tilt

  Poor appetite

  Ear may be warm to the touch

  Scratching at ears

  Droopy ear/s

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Treatment of Ear Infections


A visit to your Veterinarian is recommended.

Your Veterinarian will look into your dogs ear with an otoscope – examining the ear canal and attempting to visualize the ear drum.  If a ruptured (perforated) eardrum is identified, this will likely imply that the infection has reached the middle ear (a more...
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