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An Introduction to Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a general term used to describe a skin condition.  There are MANY different conditions in the dog that lead to dermatitis.  Please see our posts on:

• Atopy

• Allergies

• Ear Infections

• Fleas

• Hotspots

• Skin Tumours.

Your Veterinarian will be able to help your determine why your dog has dermatitis and what is the cause.

Erin Coomer - Veterinarian

November 2013

Symptoms of Dermatitis

Some of the more common symptoms of dermatitis are:

• Skin sores

• Hair loss

• Itchy

• Lumps

• Scabs

• Lethargic

The area of affected skin may be small (eg.  The size of a small coin) or may involve almost all of your dogs body. 

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