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An Introduction to Colitis

The colon is the medical name for the large bowel.  Basically, it’s the last area of the digestive tract.  It’s where the bowel movement (stool) is formed and stored.  The colon also has the function of absorbing water. 

When the colon is ‘upset’ it is inflamed and term for this is colitis. 

Erin Coomer - Veterinarian (October 2013)

Causes of Colitis

Common reasons for colitis or large bowel diarrhea to occur are:

- Stress (eg.  Changes in the household, going to a boarding facility etc)

- Dietary Change

- Worms

These problems can easily be treated and resolved (with the help of your Veterinarian).

There are, however, some more serious diseases that can cause large...
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Symptoms of Colitis

The most common symptoms are:

- Diarrhoea or very soft bowel movements

- Flatulence

- A normal bowel movement that ends soft

- Bowel movement may contain mucus or blood

- Straining

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Treatment of Colitis


Your Vet will collect a thorough history from you – asking about diet, de-worming history and duration of diarrhea.

Your Vet will give your dog a physical examination.

At this point, your Vet may elect to try diet modification, a de-worming pill and possibly a prescription medication (if deemed to be appropriate)

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