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Dog | Chocolate Toxicity

An Introduction to Chocolate Toxicity

Erin Coomer – Veterinarian (July 2013)

Chocolate is most definitely TOXIC to your Dog.

Although we love chocolate, we should never feed it to our canine friends! It can make them very sick.

Dog Chocolate Toxicity information

Causes of Chocolate Toxicity

Chocolate contains a toxin called theobromine.  The amount of theobromine present in chocolate varies between products.  Baking chocolate contains the most theobromine, followed by dark chocolate. Milk chocolate and then chocolate flavoured baked goods are slightly less dangerous – BUT are still not recommended for your pet.

Chocolate also contains caffeine (another ingredient that...
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Symptoms of Chocolate Toxicity

Dogs of any age can be affected.

The toxicity is size dependent, meaning that a small dog will be more sensitive to toxicity than a big dog (that eats the same amount of chocolate).

Dogs with any underlying serious medical conditions are more sensitive to suffering from chocolate toxicity.

These are the most common...
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Treatment of Chocolate Toxicity

If your dog has ingested chocolate, then contact your Vet immediately.  They will be able to advise you as to what to do.

Your Vet will be able to calculate if your Dog has ingested a toxic dose of chocolate.

Dogs with chocolate toxicity can receive the following treatment from your Vet:

Induce vomiting...
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