Dog Health: Brain Tumour

Dog | Brain Tumour

An Introduction to Brain Tumour

Dr Erin Coomer - Veterinarian (July 2013)

A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal tissue in the brain that grows out of control. The most common primary brain tumour diagnosed in dogs is a MENINGIOMA.

Causes of Brain Tumour

A meningioma is a benign cancer that originates from the meninges.  The meninges are the very thin protective tissues that wrap around the brain and spinal cord.  These tumours originate most commonly from the inner most lining of the skull.  The tumour grows from the skull, towards the brain, and it puts pressure on...
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Symptoms of Brain Tumour

Affected dogs are normally older, for example older than 7 years.

Dogs with meningiomas may present with the following problems:


  Wobbly gait




  Behaviour Changes (unusual aggression)

  Appetite Changes

It’s important to understand that there are MANY other diseases that could cause your...
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Treatment of Brain Tumour

-  Your Vet will do a thorough physical examination, paying particular attention to the neurological exam of your dog.

-  Blood tests will likely be recommended to help determine the overall health of your pet.  A blood test cannot be used to diagnose a brain tumour.

-  If your Vet is concerned that your...
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