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An Introduction to Bloat

Dr Erin Coomer - Veterinarian (August 2103)

Also known as Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV)

This condition is a true EMERGENCY for you and your dog.  If you are at all concerned that your dog is suffering from bloat/GDV, go to your Veterinarian immediately.


Causes of Bloat

A dog’s stomach can become distended like a big balloon with food, water or air.  The stomach can quickly become ‘bloated’.  This is called a Gastric Dilatation (GD).  This is a very painful condition.  If the bloated stomach then becomes twisted, your dog has a GDV.

A GDV is a very serious emergency because...
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Symptoms of Bloat

• A distended abdomen (the belly may look bloated – BUT may NOT either….)

• Irritated

• Uncomfortable

• Retching – unable to vomit (because the stomach is twisted closed)

• Drooling

• Pacing

• Lethargic

  Sudden change in demeanour/attitude.  These dogs look sick and sad.

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Treatment of Bloat

If you are at all concerned, take your dog to your nearest Veterinarian immediately.

All Veterinarians and their staff are aware that a ‘bloat’ is a true emergency, and you WILL be seen ASAP.  If your Vet Clinic is closed – go to the nearest after hours facility.

If you are in a rural area...
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