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An Introduction to Atopy

Learn about Atopy, including how it affects your dog, and what options are available to manage this hereditary skin disease.

Causes of Atopy

Atopy is an allergic skin condition.  It is not contagious.

When a dog has repeated exposure to certain allergens (triggers in his environment) his immune system becomes over stimulated and skin itchiness results.

Allergens can potentially be anything, but some of the most common triggers are

mould, pollen, dust and grasses. 

Atopy can...
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Symptoms of Atopy




Scratching at face, paws, groin, ears, armpits.

Sores and skin changes may be noticed (eg.  Hairloss, redness, thickened skin).

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Treatment of Atopy


Your Vet will collect a thorough history from you regarding your dogs skin, onset of problems, environment, diet, flea prevention, etc.

A thorough physical examination will be done.

Some testing may be recommended.

·  Skin scrape – to look for mites that can cause mange

·  Flea combing – to...
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