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An Introduction to Anxiety

One of the most common anxiety issue experienced by dogs, is Separation Anxiety. This is a behaviour issue/problem.

Affected dogs may be causing harm to himself and your household when left home alone.  Owners most commonly come home to find regular, unpleasant surprises (as listed under symptoms, further down this page).

Erin Coomer - Veterinarian

July 2013

Causes of Anxiety

Some dogs are just naturally more anxious than others. 

However, a change in the household may precipitate the onset of separation anxiety.  For example:

• The death of another pet

• Moving to a new home

• Owners working longer hours

• Living alone with just one pet owner (rather than a houseful)

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Symptoms of Anxiety

Most of the following symptoms occur when the dog is left home alone, or just prior to the owner departing the home.  Here are just some of the complaints owners report:

• Destruction (of anything!)

• Soiling inappropriately (in the house)

• Vocalization.  Constant barking, whining or howling

• Panting

• Pacing

• Excessively...
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Treatment of Anxiety


Because this is a behavioural issue, a multifaceted approach must be taken in an attempt to manage or resolve separation anxiety.

Make a consultation with your Veterinarian to discuss your dog’s issue.  Consider booking an extended appointment with your Vet because there will be lots to talk about.  Your Vet will take a...
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