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An Introduction to Allergies

Dogs can have allergies to MANY different things (called allergens). 

It can be challenging to workout what your dog is allergic to, and Veterinary help will be needed.

Erin Coomer -Veterinarian

July 2013

Causes of Allergies

The most common categories are:

• Food Allergies/Sensitivities

• Atopy

• Contact allergy

• Flea allergy dermatitis

More information will be available under these respective types of allergies.

Allergies can occur concurrently, making each other worse.

A secondary skin infection will make your dog itch too, complicating things further.

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Symptoms of Allergies

Most allergies affect the skin, ears or gastrointestinal tract (specially for food sensitivity).  A broad range of symptoms may be noticed:

• Itchy skin

• Rash or skin sores

• Hair loss

• Shaking ears

• Ear discharge

• Hair loss around the ears

• Odour from the ears or skin

• Gastrointestinal upset...
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Treatment of Allergies


A visit to your Veterinarian is essential.  They will do a thorough physical examination and take a detail history.  They will be able to workout what allergy or allergies are irritating your dog. 

Diagnostic testing may be recommended.  This may include:

• Food trial

• Skin samples may be collected to determine...
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