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Q: My Dog Is On Heat!


Q. My dog is on heat & I suspect a male dog may have nailed her. How long after her heat can I get her spayed?

Oh no! This is actually a very frequent question.
The first thing to check is whether she is actually pregnant. After 3 weeks, your veterinarian can palpate the abdomen to try to feel if she is pregnant. There are also other urine/blood tests available as well as imaging for more certainty, but each can only be used at certain times. Your vet will be able to guide you through these options.
If your girl is pregnant and you don’t wish to continue with the pregnancy, she can be spayed. Your veterinarian should be able to cover the increased risks of desexing at that stage. Alternatively, you could choose to continue with the pregnancy and she can be desexed after the puppies have been weaned.
If your girl is not pregnant, we recommend waiting 2 months after the heat before desexing. The reason for this is that this gives time for the changes of the uterus during heat to reverse. During heat, there’s increased blood flow to the uterus and the tissue becomes more fragile, so it has much higher risks of complications. We want to make surgery as safe as possible.
I hope this has been helpful.
Erin Dowler – Veterinarian.

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